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This type of disease is one of the known types of dementia. With it, the brain finishes performing all its vital functions in a certain way. The disease causes problems with memory, memorization, behavior and thinking.The early stage (pre-dementia or early stage of dementia, depending on the degree of involvement of the patient in the disease) is due to weaker symptoms of dementia, but in progressive development (moderate dementia or severe dementia), symptoms worsen and increasingly begin to affect the brain. The rate of the disease is individual for each patient, but the average life expectancy of patients will be about 8 years.

Often, the cause of Alzheimer’s disease can be a small amount of substances that are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses; poisoning with toxic metals due to hard work; brain tumors, genetic predisposition. Also, recent studies have made it clear that people who experience depression and anxiety more often than others fall into the risk group predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease. One of the factors may also be: high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, damaged blood vessels of the brain, high cholesterol, traumatic brain injuries.

It is correct to assume that the problem with remembering information is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but not all cases of memory loss are caused by the disease. It is important to note that Alzheimer’s causes both dementia and other symptoms that prevent the patient from performing daily functions for life support. These symptoms will not be typical for normal age restrictions. These include correctly: problems with oral and written communication, changes in mood, difficulties in making decisions and solving problems, changes in perception and interpretation of images, etc.

At the moment, psychologists and neurologists have not identified a more effective treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, but despite this, medications have been released to mitigate the symptoms of memory loss. Pharmacological research and the latest therapies that prevent the destruction of brain cells with a probability of up to 89 percent are currently in the implementation stages. Such methods include: treatment of accompanying diseases of the patient; intervention of doctors in the behavior of the patient, in order to reduce aggression, stress, anxiety, sleep problems; coordinated patient care by several specialists; increasing the level of knowledge about the disease to the patient, introducing the patient to the Alzheimer’s club.

It is important to know that Alzheimer’s disease occurs not only in the elderly. Recently, cases of the disease have become more frequent in people 50 years old. Earlier detection of the disease and its treatment will slow down the growth of the progressive development of the disease.

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